Cardinal Farrell: Time to implement Vatican II’s teaching on the laity | America Magazine

“This is a moment in the life of the church where we can really try to implement what the Second Vatican Council already spoke about, which is the role of the laity in the church,” Cardinal Kevin Farrell said in an exclusive interview with America in his office in Rome.

The implementation “has been slowed down at times for various reasons,” the prefect of the Dicastery for the Laity, the Family and Life said. “There was some misunderstanding and confusion around this. In the past, we have spent so much time fighting among ourselves. I think we have lost an awful lot of ground and an awful lot of time by infighting, but I think now is the right time.” As head of this Vatican department since Aug. 17, 2016, Cardinal Farrell is now in a position to bring lay people into positions of leadership in the church.

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