Priests defy Rome over Communion for remarried divorcees.

One hundred and forty priests from the archdiocese of Freiburg announced yesterday that they have signed a memorandum in which they admit to publicly allowing remarried divorcees to receive Communion.

“In our parishes remarried divorcees go to Communion, receive absolution in the sacrament of reconciliation and receive the last rites with our specific permission,” say the priests, who represent around a seventh of Freiburg’s clerics.

They add that they are allowing themselves “to be led by mercy in our pastoral work with remarried divorcees, and we hope that a decision will soon be arrived at which will give these people an official, Gospel-based place in our Church in which they are not discriminated against.”

They say they are allowing remarried divorcees to be catechists, members of parish councils, and to perform other roles in their parishes.

via The Tablet 

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