How will Pope Francis reconcile process and power in his conclusions from the Synod on the Family? 

In the coming days Pope Francis is expected to announce his conclusions from the Synod on the Family—in particular, regarding the status of remarried Catholics. The pre-game commentary has tended to emphasize the question of whether the pope will side with the church’s so-called liberals (and expand the rules for the sake of inclusivity) or the so-called conservatives (and reaffirm the rules as they have been).

I suspect, however, that in his own mind, the question is taking a somewhat different form: a choice between process and power, or even between time and space.

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What Can We Expect from Pope’s Upcoming Document on the Family Synod? 

Pope Francis has been called the “pope of surprises” for all the out-of the-ordinary things he has said and done.  But it is no surprise that his much-anticipated apostolic exhortation in response to 2015’s Synod on the Family is . . . well, much anticipated!

Pope Francis said he would issue the document before Easter, March 27th, and some Catholic Church observers have been betting on March 19th as the release date because that is the feast of St. Joseph under the title of “Husband of Mary.”Cardinals a

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For LGBT Rights, Is Pope Francis a Partisan or Not? 

Should the pope be political and/or partisan or not? Pope Francis’ trip to Mexico raised these questions after he challenged whether Donald Trump could be considered Christian. The question also bears on LGBT issues, particularly in Italy where legislators are debating the legalization of civil unions.

Pope Francis gave an in-flight interview returning from Mexico, as he regularly does when apostolic journeys conclude. When asked about the civil unions issue in Italy by Il Sole 24’s Carlo Marroni, the pope

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Pope Francis says anti-gay bishops have ‘closed hearts’ – Gay Times

The Pope has attacked conservative church leaders. After three weeks of talks at the Vatican for the Synod on the Family, Catholic leaders decided they shouldn’t change their stance on gay people. And Pope Francis isn’t happy about it. The Catholic Herald reports that the Pope has now complained of “conspiracy theories and blinkered viewpoints” and “closed hearts which frequently hide even behind the church’s teachings.” However, the Synod said that gay people should not suffer discrimination in society.

Source: Pope Francis says anti-gay bishops have ‘closed hearts’ – Gay Times

Pope opens synod; calls for welcoming Church but no gay marriage – SWI

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Pope Francis on Sunday reaffirmed Catholic opposition to gay marriage as he opened a three-week gathering of bishops from around the world but said the Church had to show love and understanding towards all.Francis presided at a solemn Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica to open the meeting, known as a synod, on the theme of the family in the modern world.But the run-up to the synod, attended by some 300 bishops and other delegates, has been dominated by gay issues.

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Pope Francis opens synod against backdrop of controversy over divisive issue of homosexuality – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Pope Francis has opened a gathering of bishops intended to review Catholic teaching on the family against a backdrop of controversy over the thorny and divisive issue of homosexuality.Key pointsPope Francis opens historic synod on family amid backdrop of controversy over divisive issue of homosexualityThe Vatican reacts furiously after senior Polish priest announces he is gayThe priest, Krzystof Charamsa, said most Catholic priests have a homosexual orientation but are consumed by self-hatredSynod appears as if it has been called solely to address the question of the Church’s approach to gay and lesbian believersThe Church’s second synod on the family opened in a tense atmosphere the day after a senior priest announced he was gay and accused the Vatican of “institutionalised homophobia”.With Pope Francis having also been dragged into the United States’ debate over gay marriage, the synod appears as if it has been called solely to address the question of the Church’s approach to gay and lesbian believers.

Source:  – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

France Monde | Aux Etats-Unis, le pape François a rencontré en privé un couple gay – Le Bien Public

Suspect d’homophobie, le pape François qui a rencontré l’égérie américaine des opposants au mariage gay? Un vieil ami du pape argentin vient de révéler qu’il l’avait rencontré en privé avec son mari à l’ambassade du Vatican à Washington.PARTAGEREnvoyer à un amiLe pape François s’était attiré de nombreuses critiques en rencontrant secrètement la semaine dernière Kim Davis, une greffière du Kentucky devenue l’égérie des opposants au mariage gay par son refus obstiné de délivrer des certificats de mariage aux couples de même sexe – quitte à risquer la prison.Mais l’information que vient de révéler CNN rétablit en quelque sorte l’équilibre: la veille de son entrevue avec Kim Davis, le souverain pontife a rencontré à l’ambassade du Vatican à Washington un vieil ami gay, qu’il a chaleureusement embrassé ainsi que son mari.Une vidéo de la rencontre, strictement privée, a été postée sur YouTube:

Source: France Monde | Aux Etats-Unis, le pape François a rencontré en privé un couple gay – Le Bien Public

Vatican: Pope Francis did not endorse Kim Davis’ views at meeting | Gay Star News

The Vatican has claimed Kim Davis’ meeting with Pope Francis last week was not the pontiff endorsing her views on denying marriage licenses to same-sex couples.The Kentucky clerk who was jailed for defying the law of the land was among the guests at the Vatican embassy in Washington DC.Davis then gave interviews to reporters claiming the pontiff thanked her for her ‘courage’ and that she should be ‘proud’ for what she is doing and standing for.But the Vatican denies Francis specifically endorsed the Kentucky clerk, issuing a statement today (2 October).

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