Poll: 2/3rds of Australian Catholics Support Gay Marriage

As the struggles for same-sex marriage were rolling out across the United States, a steady stream of opinion polls showed that despite the outspoken opposition from some Catholic bishops, ordinary Catholics were in fact in favour marriage equality – and to a greater degree than other Christian denominations. In other countries there were far fewer polls, but those that there were tended to show the same pattern, for example in the United Kingdom and in Argentina.

It comes as no surprise then, that the same pattern is shown in polling from Australia ahead of the pending postal plebiscite, where 58% of all “people of faith” were found to support equality. Somewhat more than that, two thirds, of Catholics were in favour.

A MAJORITY of Catholics, Christians and other religious people support gay marriage and will likely vote for it in the postal survey, according to a new poll.

The research shows 58 per cent of people of faith back the “yes” campaign, compared with 79 per cent of non-religious Australians.

Catholics and non-Christians were more likely to support same-sex marriage, with two thirds of both of those groups saying they were in favour.

The polling, commissioned by the Equality Campaign, was conducted last week by Jim Reed of Newgate Research who surveyed 1000 people online, Fairfax reports.

Same-sex marriage supporters rally in Sydney. Picture: AFP/Peter Parks

Same-sex marriage supporters rally in Sydney. Picture: AFP/Peter ParksSource:AFP


Christians in Australia support marriage equality  |The Guardian

A majority of Australian Christians support same-sex marriage and think parliamentarians should vote on the issue as soon as possible.

A Galaxy Research poll of 1,000 Australian Christians has found 54% support marriage equality and 49% do not want the law to be changed to allow civil celebrants to refuse their services to same-sex couples based on conscientious objection.

It also found 61% do not like having conservative religious groups presenting their views on same-sex marriage as though they are speaking for all Christians in the country.

Source: Most Christians in Australia support marriage equality and want a free vote | Australia news | The Guardian

U.S. Catholics: Gay Relationships “Morally Acceptable”

Gallup 2016 05 26, MoralAcceptability1

Americans’ religious faith greatly shapes their views of whether moral issues or practices are acceptable or not. In general, Jews and those with no religious preference are more liberal than Protestants, Catholics and Mormons in their views on various moral issues. These differences are most apparent on abortion and, to a lesser extent, doctor-assisted suicide and animal cloning. Catholics join with Jews and nonreligious Americans in saying gay-lesbian relations and out-of-wedlock births are morally OK.

Source: Gallup (emphasis added)

More Anglicans now back gay marriage than oppose it- poll

More Anglicans in England support gay and lesbian couples marrying than oppose it, a poll has suggested for the first time.

Of more than 1,500 Anglicans polled, 45% said same-sex marriage was right while 37% thought it was wrong.

The Yougov poll also indicates a large increase in support of same-sex marriage over the past three years.

The Church of England’s official stance is that marriage can be only between a man and a woman.

Three years ago, a similar YouGov poll found 38% of Anglicans in support and 47% believing same-sex marriage to be wrong.

Source:  – BBC News

Kirche: Mehrheit der Katholiken für homosexuelle Partnerschaften – Deutschland – FOCUS Online – Nachrichten

Skepsis gegenüber der Familienlehre des Vatikans ist unter Katholiken nicht neu. Vor der Familiensynode im Herbst gibt eine Studie den Kritikern neuen Stoff.

Source: Kirche: Mehrheit der Katholiken für homosexuelle Partnerschaften – Deutschland – FOCUS Online – Nachrichten

Support for gay marriage growing in Malta

Gay marriage is supported by the majority of young people in Malta, a survey has revealed.

The poll by the MaltaToday news website, found that 60% of 18 to 34 year olds were in favor of same-sex marriage.

However, only 23% of over 55s agreed and overall 51.2% of those questioned were in opposition.

But despite less than half of people supporting gay marriage (41%), Gabi Calleja, coordinator of the Malta Gay Rights Movemen, said the survey’s results were ‘good news’.

Gay Star News

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Kiwis back gay marriage – poll

Nearly two-thirds of New Zealanders back a legal change to allow gay marriage, a new poll suggests.

The 63 per cent behind same-sex marriage in a TVNZ poll released last night has fuelled calls for Parliament to introduce legislation for the change.

Green Party MP Kevin Hague said he planned to introduce a bill at the next member’s ballot, but would be happy for the Government to adopt his measure.

“It is time for New Zealand to amend our laws to reflect the change in society’s views on same-sex marriage,” Hague said.

“Twice as many New Zealanders now support same sex marriage as oppose it.”

-full report at  Stuff.co.nz

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