Intersex Awareness Day: Here’s why intersex people need change · PinkNews

As activists mark Intersex Awareness Day – the day that celebrates people who are born with an indeterminate gender – here’s why the law still needs to catch up.

The day, which was started by Intersex activists in 2004, shows how far the world has to go with regards to intersex issues – with “corrective” surgeries for intersex children still commonplace, and intersex-bodied people often facing hostile bureaucratic systems.

Earlier this month, Parliament’s Women and Equalities Committee heard evidence on laws surrounding gender identity

Source: Intersex Awareness Day: Here’s why intersex people need change · PinkNews

Kenya takes step towards recognising intersex people in landmark ruling | Reuters

A Kenyan court has ordered the government to issue a birth certificate to a five-year-old child born with ambiguous genitalia, in a landmark ruling that the child’s lawyer said was a first step towards recognising intersex people.Hospital staff put a question mark next to the box designating gender on a form to record the 2009 birth of the baby whose sex organs were not clearly female or male.This meant the child never received a birth certificate, necessary to enjoy basic legal rights, such as attending school, getting a national identity document and voting.”Now they are going to be able to get a birth certificate,” the child’s lawyer, John Chigiti, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation on Friday. “That’s a win.”Intersex people often face stigma in Kenya as the condition is not understood. Local media referred to it as a “curse” for one nine-year-old child who was raised as a boy and dropped out of school because other students followed him to the toilet to see how he urinated.The court also ordered the Attorney General to name a body that would take responsibility for conducting a census of intersex Kenyans and to develop guidelines and policies for their recognition and support.

Source: Reuters