Tutu forced to quit over gay marriage | City Press

Reverend Canon Mpho Tutu-Van Furth has revealed that her licence to preach is being revoked because she married a woman – so, she’s decided to quit instead.

Newlyweds Mpho and Marceline Tutu-Van Furth are on honeymoon on the Indian Ocean island of Bali after their wedding at a Franschhoek wine estate attended by Mpho’s parents, Leah and Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu.

“Bali is quite magical,” said Mpho in an email to City Press, adding that she had decided to “give up” her ministerial duties – her authority to preside at Holy Communion, and to officiate at weddings, baptisms and funerals in South Africa.

“Because the South African Anglican Church does not recognise our marriage, I can no longer exercise my priestly ministry in South Africa,” she said. “The bishop of the Diocese of Saldanha Bay [Bishop Raphael Hess] was instructed to revoke my licence.

“I decided that I would give it to him rather than have him take it, a slightly more dignified option with the same effect.”

While same-sex marriage was legalised in South Africa in 2006, the South African Anglican law on marriage states: “Holy matrimony is the lifelong and exclusive union between one man and one woman.”

Source:  City Press

Kirk votes to allow gay clergy marriages – BBC News

The General Assembly of the Church of Scotland has voted to allow ministers to continue to serve if they are in a gay marriage.The historic vote on the first day of this year’s gathering in Edinburgh draws a line under a row which has split the Kirk for nine years.Commissioners voted by 339 votes to 215 in favour of the move.The decision means that same sex civil marriage will be permitted for ministers.However, they will not themselves be allowed to conduct gay weddings within the church.

Source: – BBC News

Episcopal Church commended for respecting differences on marriage

Lusaka, Zambia

The Episcopal Church and its individual members earned praise here April 11 from Anglican Communion Secretary General Archbishop Josiah Idowu-Fearon for working hard to walk together despite differences over same-sex marriage.

The secretary general’s remarks came in his report to the Anglican Consultative Council about this worksince he took up his post last July.

The 78th General Convention’s decided last summer to change canonical language that defines marriage as being between a man and a woman (Resolution A036) and, in Resolution A054,  to authorize two new marriage rites with language allowing them to be used by same-sex or opposite-sex couples. Resolution A054 also requires bishops who oppose same-sex marriage to “make provision for all couples asking to be married in this Church to have access to these liturgies.”

Source: Anglican Journal

Telstra withdraws from (Australian) marriage equality debate allegedly due to church pressure

Allegedly under pressure from the Catholic Church, Australia’s largest telecommunications provider will not be participating in the public campaign in support of same-sex marriage, a new report suggests.

According to The Australian, Archdiocese of Sydney business manager Michael Digges approached a number of companies who had given permission for their logo to be used in a newspaper advertisement in support of marriage equality in May 2015.

Source: Mashable

Norway’s Lutheran church votes in favor of same-sex marriage.

Same-sex marriages may now be conducted, in Church, across Scandinavia (at least, in the region’s national churches, the Lutherans).

Norway’s Lutheran Church voted on Monday in favor of allowing same-sex marriage, becoming the latest of a small but growing number of churches worldwide to do so.

Last year the French Protestant Church allowed gay marriage blessings, while the U.S. Presbyterian Church approved a change in the wording of its constitution to include same-sex marriage.

In a vote at the annual conference of the Norwegian Lutheran Church on Monday 88 delegates out of 115 in total backed same-sex marriage.

“Finally we can celebrate love independently of whom one falls in love with,” said Gard Sandaker-Nilsen, leader of the Open Public Church, a religious movement within the church that had campaigned to change the rules.

Source: Reuters

As United Methodist Church heads toward vote on gay marriage, one pastor stakes his claim – The Washington Post

Around the time the Rev. Michael Tupper found himself chasing his windblown tent across half a mile of Iowa grain fields, he might have started questioning his mission from God. God called him, he believes, to sleep in a tent for 175 days to protest the fact that his church does not allow him to perform gay marriages. The temperatures outside his tent – and the reactions from his fellow Methodists – have ranged from warm to sub-freezing. And now, with less than 50 days to go in his sleep-out, his end is i

Source: As United Methodist Church heads toward vote on gay marriage, one pastor stakes his claim – The Washington Post

“Africa Won’t Accept Homosexuality” – Catholic Bishops 

Catholic Bishops from across Africa have sent the strongest signal to the West that the continent will not accept any form of dictatorship on the issue of homosexuality.


Speaking at a press conference ahead of Tuesday’s 2nd plenary assembly of the group, President of the Regional Episcopal conference of West Africa, Cardinal Theodore Sarr said Africans must be alert to prevent any negative indoctrination from the West to accept same sex marriage.

“Beware…we are living in a world where the western world, especially the Americans behave like people who have to think for the rest of the world, they have to decide for the rest of the world but we say that no, you can’t decide for the rest of the world.

Source: Africa won’t accept homosexuality – Catholic Bishops

 British Baptists urged not to host gay weddings


The Baptist Union of Great Britain (BUGB) has urged its member churches to refrain from conducting same sex marriages.The Union’s Council meeting this week discussed the issue of same-sex marriage in the light of the 2013 legislation making such marriages legal.A previous response to the change in the law, in May 2014, affirmed “the traditionally accepted Biblical understanding of Christian marriage, as a union between a man and a woman”. However, it also said that “we also recognise the freedom of a minister to respond to the wishes of their church, where their conscience permits, without breach of disciplinary guidelines” – implicitly allowing ministers to conduct same-sex marriages if they wish.The statement from this week’s Council meeting “positively re-affirms and commends to our churches our Union’s historic Biblical understanding of marriage as a union between one man and one woman, and calls them to live in the light of it”. It stresses that this understanding has “shaped the rules for accredited Baptist ministers regarding sexuality and the ministry and our rules continue to remain unchanged”.However, it also references the Union’s ‘Declaration of Principle’, which says each local church can make its own decisions “under the guidance of the Holy Spirit”.

Source:  Christian Today

« Les Eglises face au mariage des couples de même sexe » : retour sur la journée doctorale du 26 février 2016 – L’ACCUEIL RADICAL

Cette journée doctorale a été organisée par deux enseignantes en théologie pratique, Christine Aulenbacher (faculté de théologie catholique de Strasbourg) et Isabelle Grellier (faculté de théologie protestante de Strasbourg).

Tenue dans la salle Pateur du Palais Universitaire, elle est introduite sur les documents officiels dans ces termes :

« La banalisation de l’homosexualité et la demande des couples de même sexe de pouvoir s’unir par le mariage comme les couples hétérosexuels interrogent la compréhension traditionnelle du mariage qui a longtemps été portée par les Eglises. A travers l’analyse de prises de position d’évêques de France et celle du processus synodal mené dans l’Eglise protestante de France, nous analyserons deux façons de se positionner face aux questions que pose le mariage des couples de même sexe et face aux demandes qu’elles adressent aux Eglises. »


Anglican churches across globe at different stages in dealing with LGBTQ rights

The Anglican Church slapped down its American branch last month, punishing it for authorizing same-sex marriages.The church has been riven for decades over issues of female ordination, the ordination of gay clergy and, now, same-sex marriage. The issue is so incendiary that it threatened to tear the global church apart. Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, the head of the church, is credited with preventing a complete implosion.Yet even in the seeming backlash to gay marriage, one of Canada’s top Anglicans says he sees signs of progress.Rev. Peter Elliott, the dean of Christ Church Cathedral in downtown Vancouver and the Number 2 Anglican in the region after the bishop, has been at the heart of this debate for years and the local diocese — for historical reasons called New Westminster — is (in)famous for its progressive stand on the topic. The diocese offers a blessing for same-sex marriages, but solemnization of marriages is a national decision and the Canadian church is expected to vote this year on the topic, potentially opening a new front in the long battle.

Source: Anglican churches across globe at different stages in dealing with LGBTQ rights