Archbishop of Wales apologises for LGBT prejudice 

The Archbishop of Wales, Dr Barry Morgan, has apologised “unreservedly” to same-sex couples prejudiced by the Church.

A tweet sent from the Church’s account yesterday reads:

“Archbishop of Wales offers a pastoral letter on same sex relationships #govbody apologising unreservedly for prejudice within the church.”

In 2015 Dr Morgan commented that bringing forward a bill on same-sex marriage in the Church would be “foolish”.

A statement from the Church, detailing the contents of the pastoral letter, explains that although it was not ready to “allow or bless same-sex marriage, the debate is not over.”

The letter also explains that the Bishops of the Church recognise that “gay and lesbian people are ‘fully affirmed as equal disciples’.”

Source: – Gay Times

Archbishop Morgan cautious after majority vote in favour of same-sex marriage

THE Governing Body of the Church in Wales has voted narrowly in favour of allowing same-sex couples to marry in the Church. But it appears that the non-binding, advisory-only secret ballot has not produced enough votes in favour to persuade the Bishops to frame new legislation.

The vote last Thursday does not constitute a decision of the Governing Body. Instead, the results — and the two-and-a-half-hour debate that preceded the vote — will be used to guide the Province’s Bench of Bishops when it meets to discuss the issue in October.


Women Bishops for Wales

The Church of England has still not resolved the difficult issue of approving women bishops while still satisfying the die – hards resisting reform. However, the Church in Wales has led the way, in approving, by convincing margins, the ordination of women bishops. I doing so, they, resisted strong pressure to make special provision for the minority who had been trying to hold the church to ransom.


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