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Since I started with a simple blog eight years ago, my work in LGBT ministry has substantially expanded. In addition to a range of websites under the “Queer Church” brand, I am also webmaster for Quest, for the Centre for the Study of Christianity and Sexuality (CSCS) and for the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics.

Additional work includes my new video channel and the development of interactive learning resources, conference presentations and workshops on queer faith.

My work has drawn strong praise from notable theologians, clergy, academics and ordinary readers. The workman is worthy of his hire – but I do all the above without any external funding. Please help.

You could do this in several different ways:

MeFor a direct, one – off donation, you can do say at my  Go Fund Me page. (Donations are denominated in British pounds, but charged to you in your local currency)

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Or, for regular small amounts, you can become a “patron” at Patreon. On this model, you pledge to pay a small amount for specific pieces of work – in my case,  videos or long form essays, up to a monthly maximum which you set.  (Patreon transactions are done entirely in $US, so may be particularly appropriate for US residents)

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Not everybody is able to hand over cash to every cause they might  like to support: there are other ways to help.

  • Simply spread the word: promote my posts and videos on your social media, and share my funding appeals.
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  • Send me links to notable news stories, insightful analysis, or useful resources that deserve to be more widely shared.
  • Pray for me!