Theologian and University President Criticize Catholic “Cyber-Militias” – New Ways Ministry

Theologian Massimo Faggioli and President John Petillo of Sacred Heart University have analyzed some of the issues regarding recent social media attacks from “far-right” Catholic groups who use vicious rhetoric against LGBT people.

Massimo Faggioli

Faggioli, a professor of Theology and Religious Studies at Villanova University, Pennsylvania, called these right-wing groups “Catholic cyber-militias.” He wrote in La Croix:

“These cyber militants are not alone. Rather, they are part of the “age of anger” from which the Catholic Church is not immune. These groups and individuals are particularly active and influential in the Catholic Church in the United States. Much of this is the result of more than thirty years of episcopal appointments under John Paul II and Benedict XVI, which recast the US episcopate in the image of the ‘cultural warrior.’”

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