Pauli Murray: Refusing restrictions of society and law | National Catholic Reporter

Pauli Murray was an African American “female” minister in the Episcopal Church, who throughout her life insisted that she was “a man trapped in a woman’s body”. In today’s world, she would likely have been viewed as a transman. Of interest to LGBT Christians, is that she has been included in the Episcopal Church book of saints, “Holy women, holy men”.

By Rosalind Rosenberg
512 pages; Published by Oxford University Press

I thought I knew Pauli Murray, or at least knew something about her. Jane Crow: The Life of Pauli Murray, Rosalind Rosenberg’s incredibly detailed and in-depth biography, reveals that I was wrong. No one, including many of her closest friends, knew Anna Pauline Murray (1910-85) in her fullness. Rosenberg has done the world an immense favor by presenting, in all its triumph and pathos, the life (or perhaps “lives” is more accurate) of this brilliant and defiant African-American.

Source: National Catholic Reporter

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