“On LGBT+ issues the Church of England remains a battleground and all LGBT+ people need to advocate for change.”

HIV activist Philip C Baldwin opens up about finding his faith following his diagnosis and the ever-changing attitudes towards LGBT+ people in the Church of England.

I am proudly gay and proudly Christian. I attend two of London’s Church of England churches – St John’s in Waterloo and St Anne’s in Soho. I was diagnosed with HIV and Hep C in 2010. Up to that point I had considered myself an atheist or agnostic. My discovery of Christianity became an important part of my journey of self-acceptance. Since my Confirmation, in May 2015, I have written extensively about the importance of Christianity in my life. My faith continues to flourish, the flame of Jesus’ love burning brightly in my life.

I have attended services at St John’s in Waterloo since the summer of 2014. St John’s is headed by the Reverend Canon Giles Goddard. Giles is an intelligent and dynamic priest, who also co-ordinates the Human Sexuality Group on the Church of England’s General Synod. I was very lucky to find St John’s and to meet Giles, who has guided me spiritually.

Source: Gay Times

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