Serious Sin on Social Media – The Jesuit Institute South Africa

Another nasty incident on social media at the beginning of this week. American Jesuit and bestselling author, Fr James Martin, had an invitation withdrawn from Theological College, associated with the Catholic University of America, to speak to their alumni. The invitation was revoked after a vicious attack was launched on social media by alt-right Catholics. The College gave in to pressure from the trolls that spewed uncharitable and unchristian attacks on Fr Martin. Their objection to his visit was his latest book which looks at the relationship between the LGBT Community and the Church.

Everyone is free to disagree with Fr Martin’s book. Several people have raised questions about it. He has been interviewed and has debated the book in front of public audiences. He has been open to critique about its contents. The book was given official recognition by Jesuit authorities, and various bishops – including Cardinal Kevin Farrell who is Prefect of the Vatican’s Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life.

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