U.S. Bishops’ “Spiritual Worldliness” Harms LGBT Catholics and the Church – Bondings 2.0

From New Ways Ministry “Bondings 2.0” blog, Robert Shine offers proposals to improve pastoral ministry to LGBT Catholics:

Today, I offer three suggestions for the bishops on how to move away from spiritual worldliness to be of greater service to the people of God, especially LGBT people, and others too often excluded from the church.

First, the bishops should reframe for themselves what loving the church means.  Foregoing a dated fixation on institutional power, loving the church could mean supporting Catholics and their communities as credible witnesses to God’s presence in the world….

Second, evangelical fervor must be restored. …..Bishops must ….follow Pope Francis’ example: lead joyfully; create fertile soil in their relationships with Catholics; speak to reality and end their voices’ impotence in preaching Good News; open wide church doors to welcome all, including the presently excluded Holy Spirit who disturbs the complacent and soothes the afflicted.

Third, bishops should renew their self-understanding about themselves and the office of bishop. Bishops must remember their roles foremost as pastors and teachers who accompany the People of God, rather than acting as political authorities….

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