Church of Scotland to issue LGBT apology?

A historic step towards allowing the first gay marriages in the Church of Scotland is expected to be taken at the General Assembly next week but it could still be years before such ceremonies take place.

While the sanctity of marriage will be debated the Kirk earlier claimed its move towards greater acceptance of gay marriage would not compromise the Church’s traditional view of marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

According to the BBC, Moderator Designate the Reverend Dr Derek Browning said: “On Thursday afternoon the theological forum will be bringing a report to the General Assembly, and this year what they’re asking to do is for the assembly, first of all, to consider making an apology to the gay community for things that have been said in the past and the assembly will have to make up its mind on that.

“But also it’s going to be asking our legal questions committee to see what the issues are round about allowing ministers to perform same sex marriage if they choose to do so, and equally for safeguards for those who, for conscience sake, feel that this is not something they can do.”

Source: Church of Scotland to consider gay marriages

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