Four Years Later, What to Make of Pope Francis and LGBT Issues? – Bondings 2.0

Today is the fourth anniversary of Pope Francis’ election, a moment for taking stock of what he has accomplished, is doing, and hopes to achieve in his remaining years. Francis’ record on gender and sexuality issues is mixed, but his larger efforts to help the church more fully receive Vatican II and to reform the Curia may be better places for LGBT Catholics and their allies to focus.

carroll-popefrancisandhisimplicitrevolution-1200Joshua J. McElwee, the National Catholic Reporter’s correspondent in Rome, reported on what he sees as five of the pope’s great achievements. To progressives who are critical of the pontiff, McElwee said Francis’ record is “revolutionary” and should be celebrated. Whether one agrees with that assessment or not, McElwee’s points are worth highlighting with an eye on LGBT issues:

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