Government to bring forward plans for compulsory sex ed · PinkNews

The government is set to bring forward plans for compulsory sex and relationship education today.

At present, sex ed is only required in local authority-run schools, leaving academies, independents and faith schools free to ignore the subject or to teach a narrow version of SRE.

There have been multiple warnings that the system is leading to a lack of basic sex ed among young people, and the government has come under repeated pressure to act on the issue.

Multiple sources have confirmed that Education Secretary Justine Greening is preparing to bring forward legislation today to make SRE a statutory component of education in all schools.

It is also expected to update existing SRE guidance, last issued in 2000, to cover issues connected to the internet and modern relationships in 2017.

The details of the law are not yet clear, however – and any move to require relationships education to be LGBT-inclusive education is likely to be strongly opposed by religious groups.

Source: PinkNews

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