Uganda’s LGBTI faith leaders say God’s love is unconditional 

The Kuchu Times Field Director was part of the group of writers from Sub-Saharan Africa that attended a four day workshop in Cape Town from 6th to 11th November 2016 on how to effectively cover religion and SOGIE (sexual orientation, gender identity  and expression) issues in their countries organised by Religion News Foundation (RNF)  in association with  the University of Missouri School of Journalism  and Religion News Service sponsored by Arcus and Heinrich  Boll Stiftung Southern Africa. He thus based on the skills acquired during this training to profile leaders and allies from the Ugandan gender and sexual minority movement that have played an important work to nurture the movement spiritually.


Religion is at the core of many African societies, including those that cite faith and culture to condemn sexual and gender minorities as unAfrican, ungodly and unnatural.

In Uganda, despite stigma and legal prohibitions, the gender and sexual minority movement has grown into a formidable force fighting for the realization of equality for all citizens. This fight has been met by strong resistance from most religious leaders and anti-gay advocates who argue that same-sex relations are a threat to traditional African family values and that they deserve no place in the predominantly Christian.

Source:  Kuchu Times

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