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At New Ways Ministry’s Bondings 2.0 blog, Rober Shine notes that for World Aids Day, Pope Francis has made a call for “responsible behaviour” as a strategy to combat the epidemic. “Responsible behaviour” is an important principle we should promote, not just with respect to AIDS and other STD’s, but across the entire field of sexual ethics. An emphasis on responsibility rather than on blind adherence to arbitrary rules, would include mutual respect and equality between partners, and recognition of the importance of love and sound family planning.
Taken together with the emphasis in Amoris Laetitia on conscience, discernment, the interior forum and “accompaniment”, much of the current objectionable nonsense in Vatican sexual doctrines would fade into insignificance, and then into obscurity.

Today is World AIDS Day, a worldwide commemoration since 1988 to mourn the dead and raise awareness about the living. Issues around HIV/AIDS have been challenging in the Catholic Church, which has both contributed to homophobia and forstalled necessary prevention practices, as well as provided lifesaving healthcare globally, often to underserved communities.

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Into this tension, Pope Francis offered remarks about World AIDS Day during his weekly audience yesterday. His remarks may signal a shift in tone, if not substance, as he said:

“Millions of persons are living with this disease, and only half of them have access to life-saving therapies. I invite you to pray for them and for their loved ones and to promote solidarity, because even the poorest can benefit from diagnosis and appropriate care. Finally, I call upon all to adopt responsible behavior to prevent further spread of this disease.”

Source: Bondings 2.0

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