San Diego’s Diocesan Synod on Family Touches on LGBT Topics–Part I – Bondings 2.0

One of the leading U.S. examples of Pope Francis’ style of church leadership is San Diego’s Bishop Robert McElroy.  In addition to echoing the pope’s more gentle and inviting messages, he has also followed the pope’s example by calling a diocesan synod on family life, which took place this past weekend.

Delegates to the synod participate in discussion.

When the synod was announced earlier this yearBondings 2.0 noted that LGBT issues were not explicitly mentioned in the outline of five topic areas (witnessing to a Catholic vision of marriage; forming a culture of invitation to unmarried couples; nurturing children; ministry to those persons who are divorced; bringing spiritual depth to family life in its various forms) but that they could, and should, be included in many of the discussions of the meeting.  News reports on this past weekend’s gathering indicate that LGBT issues were, in fact, discussed, including a recommendation for more pastoral outreach to the LGBT community.

Source: – Bondings 2.0

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