Two Former Nuns Celebrate Their Love For Each Other In Italy | Huffington Post

Faith brought them together, but love gave them the courage to stay together.

Two 44-year-old former nuns tied the knot during a civil union ceremony in Italy on Wednesday, in defiance of the Roman Catholic Church’s long-held opposition to same-sex unions.

According to an interview published in the Italian newspaper La Stampa, the women, identified only as Federica and Isabel, are former Franciscan nuns. Isabel is reportedly from South America, while Federica is a native of southern Italy. Driven by their passion to serve others, the two nuns spent time working in a drug rehabilitation center, where they met and slowly fell in love.

As their romance blossomed, the women decided to formally begin the process of withdrawing from their vocation. Although they are leaving the convent, the women said that they aren’t leaving the church or the Catholic faith.

Source: Huffington Post

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