What a gay Christian rocker’s woes tell us about American Christianity | Religion News Service

LGBT Christians finally have a seat at the table. At the turn of the 21st Century, “gay Christian” was considered by many believers to be an oxymoron. Even LGBT people who were committed to celibacy were often shunned. At many churches, if you were gay, you were gone. But much has changed across America and among the faithful.

It’s clear that we have now moved beyond the point where LGBT people are persona non grata in most Christian communities. Many prominent conservative congregations now welcome LGBT people to attend, worship, and even serve. Some Christian conferences have made space on their stages for LGBT people, and a handful of conferences have arisen specifically for gay Christians. Christian publishers have started publishing books by gay Christians and pro-LGBT advocates, and many Christian musicians are pushing for LGBT inclusion in their industry. Christianpastors, theologians, ethicistsleaders, and even the longtime editor-in-chief of Christianity Today, David Neff, have become open and affirming. So LGBT Christians finally have a seat at the table.

Source: Religion News Service

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