Anglican Church of Canada to discuss same-sex marriage | CTV News

The Anglican Church of Canada will be grappling with whether to allow same-sex couples to marry over the next few days.

The issue — in the form of a resolution that recommends giving formal church blessing to same-sex marriage — is to be voted on at the church’s six-day General Synod that opens today north of Toronto.

To pass, the resolution requires two-thirds of the hundreds of delegates to vote yes in each of three orders — lay, clergy and bishops.

However, the bishops group indicated in February that the threshold likely won’t be met.Ottawa Bishop John Chapman has already apologized to members of the gay community and to those feeling “discouraged, angry, betrayed and hurt.”

But Logan McMenamie — bishop of British Columbia — says some bishops formerly opposed to the resolution may have changed their minds since the February statement.

Source:  CTV News

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