Conversion Therapy Doesn’t Work. “I Actually Felt Closer To God When I Accepted Myself.” | I’m From Driftwood

I’m Braden Bradley and I’m from Hallsville, Texas, which is a small town in northeast Texas, close to Louisiana. There’s one stop light and a Dairy Queen and it’s just cute and quaint.

I met my first boyfriend and my first love at theater camp when I was a Senior in high school and he was a freshman in college. And we were actually in the same musical and we were playing opposite of each other. He was the bad guy, I was the good guy, so there was this amazing tension and chemistry that was created. And we actually took the love off the stage and that’s where things started.

So I wanted to bring him home to meet my family but I was nervous because I was extremely closeted. No one knew that I was gay. Well, no one had heard it from me that I was gay. So I brought him home and it was fine. It was seamless. We had dinners together, we would hang outside in the pool together with my family and my extended family. So we woke up one morning and we went downstairs and had breakfast with the family. And then my mom and step-dad said they were going to town and do some shopping and then me and him are going to stay back and just hang out.

So they left and we went to my room and started fooling around and doing what young boys do when they’re in love and then I thought I saw their car drive past the window but I was just telling myself no, it wasn’t them, they just left to go into town, it could not be them. And then I look up and my mom had opened the door and she’s looking at us and she says, “What are you doing?”

Source:  I’m From Driftwood

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