Mexican Kids School Adults On Same-Sex Marriage, Adoption: ‘Love Is Love’

Mexican YouTubers, Eva De Metal and Maire Wink, joined forces to produce a video in which children school adults on same-sex marriage and adoption, and explain that “love is love” no matter what your sexual preference is.

In the clip, which Wink described as “the most beautiful video in the world,” kids are seen questioning the amount of hate the LGBT community receives on a daily basis.

“We are little, but it is easy for us to understand that when two women or two men kiss or hug each other, it means they love each other,” they say in the footage. “Why does it matter if they are men or women? Loving is OK. It does not matter who you love.”

They continue, “What we do not get is, why is it so hard for adults to understand?”

Source: Latin Times

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