Filipino Bishops Sharply Condemn Anti-LGBT Violence After Orlando Massacre | Bondings 2.0

The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) released a statement, signed by Archbishop Socrates Villegas of Lingayen Dagupan, that immediately identified the shooting as a “hate crime.” The Conference continued, according to GMA Network:

“First, this was a hate-crime — the murder of persons because of disgust for their sexual orientation.  Bearing in the depth of his or her soul the image of the Creator, no human person should ever be the object of disgust. . .

“No matter that we may disapprove of the actions, decisions and choices of others, there is absolutely no reason to reject the person, no justification for cruelty, no reason for making outcasts of them. This is a project on which we, in the Philippines, must seriously embark for many are still forced to the peripheries because the norms of ‘decent society’ forbid association with them.”

Source:  Bondings 2.0

2 thoughts on “Filipino Bishops Sharply Condemn Anti-LGBT Violence After Orlando Massacre | Bondings 2.0

  1. May God bless the Filipino bishops for taking a clear stand against anti-LGBT violence. Our Archbishop Cordileone in San Francisco, can’t say “sexual orientation.” He says, instead, “personal lifestyle.” So mealy mouthed. We are left without the prophetic voice as is alive in the Phillipines’ bishops.

    • God bless, indeed Michael. What’s particularly pleasing about this, is that the Filipono bishops do not have a record of progressive support – they fought long and hard against the country’s reproductive rights bill, which did no more than improve access to contraception for the poor – which is why their new president is firmly anti-Catholic. They aredefinitely not friends to LGBT rights, as any matter of principle.

      With that in mind, their ability to see Orlando in such human terms, as required by the Catholic teaching that opposes violence against gay people, is especially welcome.

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