The Scottish Episcopal Church and the biblical case for changing Canon 31 – What is in Kelvin’s Head?

Over the next couple of days, the General Synod of the Scottish Episcopal Church will be meeting in Edinburgh.There’s a huge amount of business to get through over the three days. I’ll be there as a member of synod thinking through how I will vote on all the motions.Even though there’s a very wide ranging set of motions to vote on this year, I’ve little doubt that a lot of attention will be spent on Motion 14 which will be heard on Friday morning in a session timed to last just over an hour, and which will begin at 9.25 am. There’s another motion that will be considered during that hour which deals with how we make changes to our liturgies, an important matter given the notion that the liturgies are a primary way we talk about doctrine in the polity of the Scottish Episcopal Church.

Source:  – What is in Kelvin’s Head?

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