Trans rights continue to develop in Denmark & Norway

Transgender Europe welcomes the developments for trans rights in Denmark and Norway this week. In Denmark [1], the Danish Parliament has adopted a symbolic decision [2] to remove trans people from the list of mental illnesses. While in Norway [3], a new law, which gives trans people access to quick, accessible and transparent legal gender recognition will go through a final vote on Monday 6th June, after being presented in Parliament yesterday.

On the vote in Denmark, TGEU’s Health Officer Adam Smiley comments,

“Transgender Europe welcomes the historic step to depathologise trans people in Denmark. Trans people are not sick, and other countries should follow by removing trans identities from their mental health diagnostic manuals. However, even in Denmark the job is not done. The provision of trans-specific healthcare in Denmark needs urgent improvement. Decision makers need to ensure that depathologisation also translates into reform for accessible, quality healthcare based on self determination and informed consent.”

Source: – Trans rights continue to develop in Denmark & Norway

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