Diocesan Synod on Marriage

After the Bishops’ Synod on marriage and family, comes news of a diocesan synod on marriage, for San Diego, says National Catholic Reporter. This is excellent in so many respects: but what is there in here for gay or lesbian Catholics – especially those who yearn to marry, but are explicitly forbidden from doing so by the Catholic church, and who in many dioceses, risk losing Church employment if they dare to contract civil marriages in spite of the Church, and this becomes known? All the evidence is that the Church’s perceived hostility to lgbt people is a major cause for the younger generations’ falling away from religious practice. Can we hope that the bishop’s youth task team will have the courage to point this out to him?

San Diego’s Bishop McElroy announces diocesan synod on marriage

Acting on Pope Francis’ wish for a more “synodal” church at all levels and keying on five major themes of the pope’s recent exhortation, Amoris Laetitia, San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy announced May 11 that he will convene a diocesan synod in October focused on marriage and family life.

McElroy’s approach leans heavily on the attitudes expressed in Amoris Laetitia, or “The Joy of Love,” in which the highest ideals of the Catholic view of marriage are tempered with the realities of contemporary life and the everyday challenges faced by married couples. McElroy’s pastoral message, in that regard, acknowledges some of the most daunting challenges facing the church in relating to millennials and incorporating them into the life of the church.

Source:  National Catholic Reporter

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