Archbishop of Canterbury tells Mugabe that jailing gays is wrong – MambaOnline – Gay South Africa online

It’s been revealed that the Anglican Church’s global figurehead has told President Robert Mugabe that criminalising homosexuality is wrong.

The Episcopal News Service reports that the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, met with Mugabe in Harare earlier this month. The cleric was in Zimbabwe the day before the April 18 Anglican Consultative Council (ACG) in Lusaka.

Welby told ACG attendees that at the meeting, Mugabe asked him about the Anglican Communion’s policy towards same-sex marriage.

He said that he explained to the notoriously homophobic president that Anglicans have “widely differing views on the subject but that the majority opinion is that marriage is a lifelong union between a man and woman…”

Welby went on to point out to Mugabe that despite this, “the unanimous opinion of the primates’ meeting was that the criminalisation of LGBTIQ people is entirely wrong”.

Source: – MambaOnline – Gay South Africa online

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