The new same-sex marriage traditions


oday marks two years of same-sex marriage in England and Wales.On March 29, 2014, gay couples from Brighton, Halifax and London tied the knot for the very first time. They were closely followed by hundreds more couples in England; later the same year, Scotland followed suit by introducing new legislature.Since then, same-sex marriage has become a normal, common part of life – but that shouldn’t obscure its relative youth. Straight marriage has been around for centuries, over which time countless traditions have been born: a man buys his woman an engagement ring; he asks her father for permission to propose; he goes down on one knee; later, on the day of the wedding, he isn’t allowed to see his bride until she walks down the isle – where she’ll be accompanied by her father, ceremoniously ‘giving her away’. Then there’s the cutting of the cake, the first dance, and the highly symbolic lover’s carry over the threshold.

Source: The new same-sex marriage traditions

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