Holyrood’s intervention regarding LGBTI rights backfires in Ghana

The intervention, uncalled for by LGBTI Ghanaians, has caused a backlash against the LGBTI community and a media moral panic against a “homosexual lobby” trying to allegedly tarnish Ghana’s image and force “unAfrican” habits unto the nation.

The Ghanaian leader, John Dramani Mahama, met the First Minister during his tour of Scotland, which will saw him presented with an honorary degree from the University of Aberdeen.

Ms Sturgeon has come under some pressure to raise issues of LGBTI rights with Ghana’s leader, John Dramani Mahama as his visit to Scotland comes against a backdrop of increasing vigilante violence LGBTI people in Ghana. The Kaleidoscope Trust, Amnesty International and, in particular, Patrick Harvie, co-convener of Scottish Green Party called for the First Minister to confront Mahama about LGBTI rights.  It has also been reported that opposite leaders of the Scottish parliament have boycotted a meeting with the president.

Source: Kaleidoscot 

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