A Christian Case For LGBT+ Acceptance

Many Christians have been taught that it is impossible to be both LGBT+ and a follower of Jesus. A majority of Christian denominations globally oppose LGBT+ rights in both the Church and society, and they do it on the basis of their Christian faith. But is this a legitimate reason for opposing the rights of LGBT+ people to be treated as equals in world? Over the past few years, there has been a resurgence of LGBT+ Christian voices offering various perspectives on Christian theology and doctrine that open up the doors of the Church to fully embrace and include sexual and gender minorities.

As a Christian theologian, seminarian, and openly queer individual, I have spent countless hours over the past five years studying scripture and the Christian tradition trying to understand what God desires for those of us who were not born heterosexual. Last year, after much study and prayer, I came out in an article in TIME Magazine as queer for the first time, because I was convinced that my Christian faith and interpretation of the Bible led me to fully embrace sexual and gender minorities as equal, beautiful children of God.

Source: A Christian Case For LGBT+ Acceptance

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