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As a Valentine’s Day gift to Gay Catholics and Christians worldwide, NYC’s Gay Catholics, Christians and Friends Social Group (“GCC”) releases the new book, “God’s Black Porsche: Dating Stories from NYC’s Gay Catholics & Christians“.  The book is a collection of member-shared personal dating short-stories that the group hopes might be of some help to others in their own personal and spiritual journey as Gay Catholics and Christians.

The book highlights how in NYC, like in most major cities, if you do not know who you are by the time you get there, there will be plenty of folks who will tell you who you should be. The collection of stories in the new book touch on how for many Gay Catholics and Christians that come to the city with the deep-rooted faith, beliefs, and values they grew up with, it is a constant struggle to keep their focus and balance on what’s inside their souls – which includes their LGBTQ identity, their sexuality and their faith.

The short stories cover everything from “almost happily ever after stories” to the “pressure and guilt of one night stands” to “the challenges of keeping a monogamous relationship” to “first bar experiences” and more.

The shared stories address how key spiritual teachings that Gay Catholics and Christians were taught and accepted as “given” in any future relationships, straight or gay, will often face the tests and pressures of the city’s loud groupthink mentality. Personal doubts that are further magnified by a Church that on one hand expresses a message of love and compassion towards Gay Catholics and Christians, but on the other – sends out a discriminatory and hurtful message when it does not accept their legal marriages or the sanctity of LGBTQ Catholic and Christian Families – who as the book’s dedication reminds us “God Created in his Own Image.”

Source:  PRUnderground

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