Gay wedding of Jesus and John at Cana (Jesus in Love Blog)

A wedding between Jesus and his beloved disciple is one of the LGBT Christian themes explored in new paintings and performance art by gay New Zealand artist Christopher Olwage.


Olwage give flesh to a long-standing but little-known tradition that Jesus and his beloved disciple John were the bridal couple at the Cana wedding feast. The idea is expressed in the second-century apocryphal Acts of John, where Jesus intervenes three times to prevent John from marrying a woman. Eventually John “binds himself” to Jesus “who didst make my joining unto thee perfect and unbroken.” The idea that John and Jesus married at Cana continued in medieval Europe and is re-affirmed in contemporary times by British theologian Gerard Loughlin in his introduction to the book “Queer Theology: Rethinking the Western Body.”

Source: Jesus in Love Blog: Gay wedding of Jesus and John at Cana explored in new LGBT art show

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