Cardinal Nichols: Why the Synod Did Not Address Homosexuality

From a more wide-ranging interview at America magazine, this sentiment echoes that of Archbishop Koch – Church discussion of homosexuality must continue.

The synod, in its final document, said very little about homosexuals or homosexuality.

That’s true, and I think it’s because a kind of logic emerged that this synod must be about the family, and I think the struggles, the upsets and the challenges that a person faces with the same-sex orientation don’t strictly fall within the parameters of the family, except in as much as they are a member of a family into which they were born. But I’m afraid that it didn’t get the attention that I would have hoped but I understand why.

I understand that some speeches and some group discussions suggested that there is need for a more mature discussion on this whole question.

Yes, that’s true. And I think it is quite difficult because, as was also pointed out, this is more than a pastoral issue, this has become a highly politicized issue and it’s difficult actually to respond purely to the pastoral situation without then getting used in what has become a kind of a very political issue. So it is difficult.

Source:  America Magazine

2 thoughts on “Cardinal Nichols: Why the Synod Did Not Address Homosexuality

    • The synod conspicuously did not decide to change the language, as some had been suggesting, but in practice the language is changing, regardless.

      But sometimes, the signals are confused: Peter Doyle, for instance, managed to refer to “LGBT” (progress) and “same-sex-attracion” (not progress) in the same breath.

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