Nicky Morgan: We must stamp out gay cure therapies

I’m no fan of the Tories, so committed to supporting business and corporate welfare, while hurting ordinary people they claim to be helping. On gay rights though, I’ve been impressed, from Cameron’s support for marriage equality, to this, from the education secretary.

The science is clear, and even the Vatican agrees – it is pointless, and even dangerous, to try to change a fundamental same-sex orientation. An American court has even ruled that to describe such attempts as “conversion therapy” amounts to consumer fraud. As there is no pathology present, it is wrong to describe these as “therapy”. Moreover, the claims of “conversion” are fraudulent, as experience has shown this simply does not occur.

My congratulations to Ms Morgan. Now, can we put this principle into law, and formally ban these practices (or at least describe them more honestly, as just religious counselling?)

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has called on therapy, given to gay people to help them get rid of same sex attraction, to be banned.The government minister, who is also a Christian, has been speaking at the PinkNews Awards.While presenting an award, Mrs Morgan, who is also Minister for Women and Equalities, said: “I was shocked to discover that 1 in 10 social and healthcare staff have heard colleagues express the belief that someone can be cured of being gay.”Let me be clear: gay cure therapies have no place in our countries and we must stamp them out.”

Source: Nicky Morgan: We must stamp out gay cure therapies

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