Australia’s Archbishop Mark Coleridge: Finally, a Bishop Who “Gets It” ! | Bondings 2.0

There’s still just under a week to go at the synod, but I think it’s not too early to say that my vote for “Star of the Synod” would have to go to Archbishop Mark Coleridge of Brisbane, Australia.  Coleridge was one of three guests at the press briefing yesterday, and he easily stole the show.  It’s not just his substance which is so good, but the fact that he is so forthcoming with information, instead of talking in vague generalities.

I was amazed at what he was saying because they were things that I have wished church leaders would say publicly for decades now.  They are the simplest things, hardly revolutionary, but just a more common sense approach to the way our Church could be operating.

Source:  Bondings 2.0

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