Archbishop Discusses African Bishops’ Silence on Criminalization of LGBT People | Bondings 2.0

At the family synod daily press briefing, New Ways Ministry executive director Frances DeBenardo asked African Archbishop Palmer – Buckle about the reluctance of African bishops to oppose their countries criminalization of homosexuality, in the light of the real persecution of gay men and lesbians that it encourages:

Palmer-Buckle’s answer:* “I can tell you that when the Holy Father, the pope, on his plane ride back from Rio de Janeiro, said ‘Who am I to condemn [judge]?, it had huge repercussions in our country. But some governments in Europe said we would not get their money without supporting marriage.  I agree with the Holy Father – that people who are different from us are sons and daughters of God and we have to welcome them and be able to open the doors of the church to them.  In Ghana we do this.  Yes, they are human and they have human rights, and their human rights and dignity should be respected and upheld.”

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