English Synod Bishop: ” We Don’t Understand Family Realities”

At last, a bishop has admitted at the Family Synod 2015, what has been obvious to the rest of us, for years. Members of the Catholic hierarchy simply do not understand “the family’ which is the primary subject facing the synod.

One of the two prelates representing England and Wales at the ongoing global meeting of Catholic bishops has expressed concern that the church leaders are discussing issues of family life but may be limited in their understanding of those issues because of their celibate lifestyles.

Bishop Peter Doyle, who heads the Northampton diocese some 70 miles north of London, said in an interview Saturday he thinks “there is a bit of an issue.”

“I thought I understood marriage and family life because I come from a family, because I’ve ministered for 37 years in a parish,” said Doyle. “When I got involved in marriage and family life, I suddenly realized that there was a whole world there that I didn’t know.”

“I am a little concerned that there is a big area that we don’t actually understand,” said the bishop.

“Of course, we’re bringing the views of everyone,” he continued. “But I think it’s quite difficult to kind of see things from a family point of view. I think there is a difficulty. I don’t think there’s any need to avoid that.”

 – National Catholic Reporter

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