Hundreds attend World Meeting’s only panel on homosexuality

Searching their souls with visible pain and some discord, more than 750 attendees at the World Meeting of Families listened Thursday to a candid discussion on the collision of homosexuality and Catholic doctrine.They came to hear Ron Belgau, a celibate gay Catholic who teaches ethics at St. Louis University, and his mother, Beverley, who spoke intimately about the impact of her son’s coming out at age 21 in 1992.Highlighting the challenges the church faces at a time of same-sex marriage, Ron Belgau quoted from an online post by a 17-year-old Catholic who recently realized he was gay.To the standing-room-only crowd at the Convention Center, Belgau read the words aloud: “The church has a lot to say about what I’m not supposed to do,” the teen wrote.”But after searching and searching,” said Belgau, “he couldn’t find any church document that told him what a gay person is supposed to do with their life.”

Source: Hundreds attend World Meeting’s only panel on homosexuality

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