Why the (C of E) Synod is important

When Catholics talk about “the Synod”, they will be referring to next month’s Synod in Rome on family and marriage. The Church of England however also has a synod coming up – for which most delegates, unlike the Catholic bishops going to Rome, will be elected, to represent either clergy or laity, alongside the bishops. The deliberations will include matters important to LGBT Anglicans. In this post, a female Anglican priest argues that it is essential, for minority voices to be heard, that Anglicans exercise their vote.

LET’S be honest, the General Synod has not developed the sexiest of reputations. Among those of us who are clergy, it’s an easy target: it’s like the dutiful older sibling, earnestly discussing the minutia of ecclesiastical policy, while the rest of us get on with real life.”You have to be either scared of losing your place in the Church, or the type of person who loves boring meetings to join the Synod,” we tell ourselves. They are not like us. Membership of a minority group does not automatically make a wise politician, but the Synod is not helped by the deficiencies in its representation.

Source: Church Times, Why the Synod is important

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