Iglesia Descalza: The Pope’s survey of Catholics

There are numerous problems with the methodology and bishops’ handling of the papal attempt to consult the laity on marriage and family, in preparation for the Extraordinary Synod next year – but even with these problems and flaws, there remains value in the exercise.

At Teología Sin Censura Blog, José María Castillo  discusses the survey, and why he sees it as “revolutionary”, in spite of its manifest faults. The original post in in Spanish, but a reliable translation is provided by Rebel Girl at Iglesia Descalza

The Pope’s survey of Catholics

As is known, traditionally minded Catholics are concerned, even frightened, because of the poll Pope Francis has put out so that we Catholics might say what we really think about the issues related to the family that have given the most to talk about in recent years. Some have said that the survey is only for the bishops. But no. To our knowledge, so far, those who can (and should) respond to the questions raised, are all of us.

Well, if the whole Church has the floor to say what it thinks about much debated issues (abortion, homosexuality, divorced people, separated people, etc., etc.), then the survey is more revolutionary than many can imagine. And it is, for a reason that surely few realize.

Let me explain. Many would like to have a pope who finally tells the Church with his infallible authority what to think and do about the above problems, and many others related to family life, sex …. Topics that are delicate, that preoccupy us so much and, above all, that are so very much discussed, so pointedly, and about which there are so many doubts that people are passionate about them. Well, why is the survey, directed at those of us who argue so much about such matters, so revolutionary?

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