Equal Marriage For Illinois: Catholic Bishops Lose (Again), Other Catholics Win.

Illinois has just become the latest state in which Catholic bishops have lost in their fight against equal marriage. That’s the ninth US state inside the last 12 months, in addition to New Zealand, France, Uruguay, United Kingdom and Colombia earlier this year. More will follow.

As elsewhere, Catholic bishops have lobbied hard to defeat the measure – and other Catholics have worked hard in support.

The Illinois House on Tuesday voted 61-54 to approve same-sex marriage, setting up the state to become the 15th to allow gay marriages.

Supporters said they had the 60 votes needed to make same-sex marriage legal as of June 1, 2014, after support from House Speaker Mike Madigan pointed to the long-awaited vote finally taking place.

The bill that passed the Senate this year had an effective date of Jan. 1 and required 71 votes, but Rep. Greg Harris changed the date to June 1 to require only 60 votes. SB10 must now go back to the Senate for another vote before Gov. Pat Quinn signs it, a move he already said he supports.

“It feels kind of obvious,” Rep. Ann Williams said during the debate leading up to the vote. “Why wouldn’t we treat everyone the same?”

“Discrimination will not endure,” Rep. Jack Franks said. Madigan quoted Pope Francis, saying “Who am I to judge?

full report at  NBC Chicago.

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  1. Has Pope Francis gotten openly angry about his quotes being used in this way? Because if he hasn’t I’d say he’s DEFINITELY on the right track. But I honestly can’t tell yet. I hope he keeps progressing forward. :3 <3

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