The LGBT Christian “Not All Like That” Video Project

Readers of Queering the Church, and of Queer Church News, will not need to be told that queer Christians exist, know that there is no inherent conflict between faith and their sexuality or gender identity, and that we have a continuously expanding number of straight allies in faith. That’s why my site exists, and is a message I am constantly promoting. Now Dan Savage, creator of the “It Gets Better Video Project” has got the message, and given his backing to video project inspired by It Gets Better, to express Christian support for the LGBT community.

Not All Like That Project: Christians Come Out For LGBT People With Dan Savage’s Support

Dan Savage got so sick of people coming up to him after talks and TV appearances informing him that not all Christians were bigots and against full equality of LGBT people that he came up with a word for them — “NALTS” — for “Not All Like That.”

Part of the gay sex columnist and author’s frustration was that he wanted these Christians, who were so eager to tell him about their enlightened stance, to focus their efforts on telling that to the Christian leaders who were condemning gay people and telling it to LGBT people, especially young Christians, who need to hear that not all Christians are… well, “like that.”

Now some Christians have taken Savage’s challenge — and even adopted his title. Christian blogger John Shore and Wayne Besen, from Truth Wins Out, with the blessing and support of Savage, have launched NALT, The Not All Christians Are Like That Project. Based on the format of the “It Gets Better” campaign, the website launched on September 4th as a platform for Christians who want to send a direct message of welcome and acceptance to the LGBT community.

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2 thoughts on “The LGBT Christian “Not All Like That” Video Project

    • I disagree most strongly. NALT is not in any sense a “cult”, but a movement of people promoting sound and reasoned arguments about the truth of same – sex orientation and appropriate Christian responses. The only “lies” here are those promoted at the site you recommend, repeating the tired and discredited distortions of what the Bible says (also known as Biblical textual abuse), and which I most certainly do not encourage my readers to visit, let alone like on facebook.

      For example, your text alleges that “It says those who practice homosexuality will never enter the kingdom. (1 Corinthians 6:9-11)”. Not so. That word (homosexuality) did not exist in biblical times. The original Greek has been badly mistranslated – see “Catamites and Sodomites (again), and “Heterosexist Textual Abuse“

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