LGBT-friendly Christians urge Hong Kong to protect sexual minority rights

Eighteen east Asian pastors and clergy urged the Hong Kong government to enact anti-discrimination law to protect LGBT citizens.

The clergy were speaking at a press conference on Sunday, the last day of the fifth annual Amplify conference in Hong Kong for LGBT-inclusive Christians in the region, attended by 300 people.

Many Christians in Hong Kong have actively opposed even a consultation looking into bringing in a law criminalizing discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity. Christians organized a protest against the consultation last January.

Rev Silas Wong, head of Hong Kong’s Blessed Minority Christian Fellowship, who organized the conference said ‘true Christian belief is accepting of all including LGBT believers’.

‘It’s really amazing and encouraging to see so many people to come together for a conference like this one,’ said openly gay Singaporean pastor Rev Miak Siew to Fridae. ‘It’s the first few steps to healing and reconciling our faith and sexuality.’

Siew challenged anti-gay Singaporean pastor Lawrence Khong in January, but Khong refused to debate the issue of homosexuality and Christianity.

Malaysian born Rev Oyoung Wen Feng (also known as Rev Boon Lin Ngeo), who caused controversy when he held a celebration of his gay marriage in Kuala Lumpur last year, was also at the conference, as was openly gay popstar and member of Hong Kong LGBT rights group Big Love Alliance Anthony Wong.

The world’s first openly gay bishop, Gene Robinson, spoke at last year’s Amplify.

via  Gay Star News.

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