LGBT – friendly Mosque Opens in France

The first gay-friendly mosque, a place of cult where gay and trans Muslims can join others with no fear nor shame, was opened in France.

With a clamorous rupture in the relationship between homosexuality and Islam, this initiative aims at guaranteeing a fundamental requirement for a sacred temple: no follower should be denied access, not even based on sexual orientation. Even if some Islamic followers consider homosexuality as a normal expression of human feelings, with no relation to negative judgments, they are still a minority. Moreover, the debate taking place under the Eiffel Tower on gay marriage led Imam Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed to the utmost discretion, even on the position of the Tawhid Mosque. Of which we only know the location – XVIII° arrondissement in Paris. The exact address will be accessible only for those registered in the French Muslim Gay Association (HM2F).

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