Gene Robinson: The Value of “Sowing Confusion” in the Church

From More Light Presbyterians, July 2012

Bishop Gene Robinson, Diocese of New Hampshire, addressed over 300 people at the National MLP Celebration Dinner in Pittsburgh, PA. “So the real question for your church and mine is this,” he said, “If you’re not in trouble for the gospel you preach, is it really the gospel?”

It was not that many years ago when our churches, yours and mine and most others were absolutely certain what God thought of us…Because of your courageous work, there are a lot of confused people out there. That is a huge step forward…

I like to think of it as holy chaos…pretty much what has happened in families all over America. Kids come home and they say, “Mom, dad, I’m gay,” and the family is thrown into confusion and then the parents have to decide how deep, how broad, how high is their love for their child. So the gay kid, the Bishop of New Hampshire, came home to dad, the the Archbishop of Canterbury and said, “Dad, I’m gay.” And now the Anglican Communion is in confusion trying to decide how deep, how broad, how wide God’s love really is.

That is holy confusion and chaos.

via More Light Presbyterians.

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