Gay man stands up to anti-gay preacher on NYC subway, train applauds

Apparently New York has been plagued by nutjob evangelical preachers on their subway trains.  They corner people, like little religious hostages, in subway cars, and yell at them about how they’re all going to hell.

Well, one gay New Yorker wasn’t going to take the anti-gay diatribe from the anti-gay bigot evangelical accosting his subway car.  He stood up and shouted the man down, and then something wonderful happened. The entire car of NYC commuters applauded the gay man.

“What the hell are you teaching our children?” the evangelical bigot is yelling at the car-full of commuters, in the middle of an anti-gay diatribe.

The unidentified gay man who yelled down the anti-gay evangelical bigot on the NYC subway.

The gay man yells over him, “You are bad and full of hate. You are false.  You are a false prophet. Do not listen to this man, he’s scared, he’s full of hatred.”

This goes on for almost two minutes – the preacher screaming, and the gay man talking over him.

“You see, one thing I come to tell you. You can’t put two men together. Man don’t got no breasts, man got penises. Man supposed to be man. Two man got penises.”

At this point, the gay guy had had it.  He jumps back up from his seat and says, “I am a man. And I’m a good man.  And I’m a gay man.  And Jesus loves me. Jesus loves me. Jesus…”

At this point, you hear another guy say “yeah!” and the entire train starts applauding the gay man. I actually teared up.

via Americablog.

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