Content Section DC Comics’ New Gay Green Lantern & Marvel’s First Same Sex Marriage

Watching Ryan Reynolds dish out one-liners as The Green Lantern’s womanizing superhero, Hal Jordan, might make a gay Green Lantern somewhat hard to imagine. But with Earth 2, a new series in DC Comics’ The New 52, which re-imagines some of DC’s most iconic characters, the green-ring bearer is officially out of the closet. Alan Scott, the first superhero to bear the name “Green Lantern” (not to be confused with the Reynolds-portrayed Hal Jordan), will be re-introduced as an openly gay man in Issue 2 of Earth 2, released next Wednesday.

“One of the things that comic-book writers want to do is inject as much realism as possible into their comics,” Earth 2 writer James Robinson told The Daily Beast. “Obviously, we have gay people in life, so we have gay people in comics.”

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