The Challenge of Idolatry for LGBTI Ministry | DignityUSA

From Dignity USA:

Panel: “The Theological Mandate for LGBTI Justice Work”
Global Network of Rainbow Catholics
Chicago, IL
4 July 2019

Bryan N. Massingale, S.T.D.
Fordham University
New York, USA

I come to this conversation as a Black, gay priest and theologian. I am informed not only by my sexuality, my faith, and my study of the Church’s ethical beliefs, but also by the traditions of Black freedom struggles in the US, struggles which, at their core, are matters of the soul and the spirit.

I share this because I cannot stand before you as a “hybrid car” that runs now on gas, and then on electricity. The headline is not, “A Priest Comes Out.” This is what happens when people use only that part of my (or your) identity that makes them comfortable, while bracketing the other concerns and facets that are integral to who we are. For example, even though I spend my life dealing with race and racism, in LGBTI settings most people do not want to deal with that; they want to deal only with my writings and thoughts on sexuality – the “sex stuff.”


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